We meet....

......on the last Tuesday of each month at 8:00pm in the Stable Bar of the Drax Arms, Bere Regis BH20 7HH.
Admission is free and the food at the Drax is excellent if you want to eat before we start.

The chocolate box of folk roots music, great variety and all enjoyable. Kathy Dunn - Wessex Acoustic

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Richard Smith Concert - 24th Oct
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If you want a great B&B after coming, book in at the Old Mill just down the road.

Richard Smith Virtuoso Guitarist

Tuesday 24th October 2017 at 8.00pm

at Briantspuddle Village Hall, Briantspuddle, DT2 7HT (scroll down for directions)

£15 on the door
£12 in advance
Download a ticket form here

Richard Smith is an English virtuoso fingerstyle guitarist, who aged 11 played on the same stage as the late Chet Atkins "the godfather of fingerstyle guitar".

Living in Nashville, he went on to become USA National Fingerstyle Guitar Champion.
He has also performed with other guitar greats, like Tommy Emmanuel, Les Paul and Martin Taylor, surprising audiences everywhere with his genius, showcasing a repertoire spanning an incredible range of musical styles from country, bluegrass, mainstream jazz, modern pop and rock, to classical guitar.

His incredible stylistic wealth is founded in a lifelong love for music. Born in Be­ckenham, Kent, England in 1971, Richard started playing guitar at age 5 under the instruction of his father. Concentrating initially on the country picking of Chet At­kins and Merle Travis, young Richard digested everything he heard, learning even the most complicated of these tunes with ease, and confounding everyone with his dexterity. It seemed that not only did he possess amazing physical skill, but a photographic musical memory as well. Often, a single hearing was all it took to get a piece under his fingers, using all ten to play bass, rhythm and melody simultaneous­ly and creating a universe of sounds, while easily switching between thumbpicking and flatpicking like hardly anybody else.

Here's what Tommy Emmanuel has to say about him:

What fellow musicians say:
"The most amazing guy I know on the guitar. He can play anything I know, only better." Chet Atkins, CGP (music legend)
"If you like my playing, you should hear Richard Smith! The world champion!" Tommy Emmanuel AM, CGP (two-time Grammy nominee)
"Guitar playing at its finest. Don't miss this one." Doyle Dykes (thumbpicking wizard)
"He is one of the world's greatest guitarists." Muriel Anderson (All-Star Guitar Night)


Appearing 8:00pm Tuesday 31st October 2017

at The Drax Arms

Rod Jenkins & Jane Eyre
Rod is a regular singer at local folk nights, and it's easy to see why. His great choice of songs and laid back style are delightful. Although Jane Eyre sings with him a lot, it's a first for us at the Drax, so we're looking forward to hearing them together.

Pauline Clenshaw
Pauline and her partner John Forsdyke recently moved to Wimborne and can both be seen singing in sessions there. Pauline takes every song she sings and really puts her label on it, with confidence and style.

Bob Whitley
We've not had the pleasure of seeing Bob at the Drax yet so a big treat is in store. He writes most of his own songs, with great subjects and lovely tunes. Bob has also passed his musical genes on, as his son Jon is one half of the brilliant duo Ninebarrow.

John House & Allan Winter
John and Allan have played for us twice before and we just have to keep asking them back. With excellent vocals and gentle guitar playing, they just sound as if they've been making music together for ever and are a real pleasure to hear.

Richard and Lesley Quayle (resident singers)